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Polyhymnia Chamber Chorus

Polyhymnia was one of nine Greek muses who were said to inspire artists. She was the muse of songs to the gods.
Singing to the delight of audiences since 1991, Polyhymnia is a 20- to 25-voice a cappella chamber chorus specializing in exceptional music that is not heard often enough. Polyhymnia’s concerts showcase compositions crossing multiple genres, languages, and periods, a repertoire rare among DC-area ensembles. Programs consist entirely of choral music and typically feature a wide range of languages, styles, and historical periods.
Polyhymnia was founded by Jim Klumpner in 1991 and directed by him for 22 years. Upon Jim’s retirement as director in 2013, Steve Beck became Polyhymnia’s current director.
In 2013, members of the chorus voted to form an unincorporated nonprofit association.
The Polyhymnia Chamber Chorus is now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.
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